by Nathan Cardiff

The old-timey folk quality is heavy on Snow Daze, the EP from The Ovaries-eez (you can add me to the list of people loving this band’s name). A very minimal guitar is the foundation which the trio’s harmonies dance on (starting with “Hymn Of Our Minds” excellent simplicity). Ethereal yet strong, the vocals are chilling at times and comforting at others. The story of the thanklessness of motherhood is conveyed with a dry delivery on “No Sympathy.” The Ovaries-eez describe “Mama” as “She sweeps, she sweeps, she cleans” and “She feeds, she feeds, she feeds;” this all while the children sleep. But her mind also longs for more and The Ovaries-eez make it known that “she drifts, she drifts, she dreams.” The mundane and important actions of our protagonist build to a devastating climax, when on top of a mountain, she finally screams, “Help!” which the ladies deliver in haunting harmony. By the end of the song you’ll want to scream with our protagonist too, even though mama doesn’t need our sympathy. An incredible track for its clever delivery and storytelling; the tension builds with a silent eruption.

The gentle strum of “Silken Maybes” describes a cave and way The Ovaries-eez voices echo through the track would suggest that is where they recorded it; filling every crevice with wonderful sound. Snow Daze concludes with “Great Captain,” which attacks with sustained vocals highlighting the the band’s harmonic talents best. The Ovaries-eez may have a minimal approach to their work, but in that simplicity lies their brilliance. Even with its cold title, Snow Daze’s sounds are fully appreciated with a warm breeze coming through your windows as the sun lights the leaves.

Favorite Tracks: “No Sympathy” & “Great Captain”

by Nathan Cardiff

Editor’s note: Whatever Forever is throwing a big shindig this weekend at Farmesan. The Ovaries-eez are just one of several bands you can see there. To check out the full lineup, click here.



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