by Nathan Cardiff

Self described as an “Americana” outfit, The Clementines keep their folky heart pounding on all five tracks of Someday/Over, their wonderful new EP. The band has a true knack for pop songs, keeping a bluesy vibe close behind.

The toe-tapping rhythm of “In Yesterday” goes hand in hand with the stellar vocals; the leads from Nicole Springer are a revelation. She has a tremendous range than can from calm coo to dynamic belt within a verse; “Someday Over” is a foot race where the guitars twist and turn, all the while Springer commands the pack. The ability to turn a quick one-eighty makes her presence a vital part to The Clementines sound. The rocker “Misery” and cool “Afraid” have the band branching out and expanding their style. “Only In The Darkness” is the devastating track on Someday/Over; the emotion in the song is overwhelmingly beautiful.

The Clementines have put together a rock solid record, full of heart. and they have the talent to back it up.

Favorite Tracks: “In Yesterday” & “Only In The Darkness”

by Nathan Cardiff



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