If you were at the Bottleneck on Saturday night, you couldn’t help but feel an immense feeling of comfort. The heater was on full blast, welcoming those who braved the downright miserable weather and took a few ice pellets to the face while walking up to the venue. Once inside, all you could smell was pizza (the previous event had treated their guests to dozens of pies).

But the biggest satisfaction of all came when Spirit is the Spirit took the stage. Oh what a wonderful night it is when their wailing guitars, spirited drum beats, and oh-so-soothing vocals fill the air. Watching their set can easily feel like a life of luxury, thanks to the abundance of cheer and the band’s peaceful demeanor.

The night was a festive one, as the event celebrated the birthdays of members of Spirit is the Spirit and Cowboy Indian Bear (who also played). Additionally, Spirit is the Spirit played loads of new songs for the audience on this night. Word on the street is they’re prepping themselves to get back into the studio. Judging by the way those new songs sounded on Saturday night, we’ve got every reason to be excited.

Here’s one of their new tracks:

Words and photos by Fally Afani.



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