by Nathan Cardiff

The staccato, warpy opening of Cairoglyphs’ The Veil sets the tone for a solid and experimental EP. The KC artist sets jolting beats under his lightning quick lyrics.

Not afraid to be a little weird, Cairoglyphs gives his tracks disorienting synth to sway back and forth to. The chorus on “Demiurge” employs a robotic effect and the creepy dance beat on “Deviance” feels like it would fit in at a haunted house. He fires off verses at a sprinter’s pace, fitting every word as compactly as possible.

The lyrics are fantastic too (“I can’t help but feel/There must be something more/And I just want what’s real/Not what I’ve had before” he sings on “Demiurge”); original, clever (“she’ll play you like a Nintendo” and “she gets her kicks, like can-can” on “Swayze”), and fast. The Veil only slows down on the closer “Elysium,” a slow-burn beauty to relax after the swift and sleek seven tracks that proceed it. Fresh songs, even with their vintage tone make Cairoglyphs (I have to finally say something about this moniker; it is one of my favorite names in recent history) an energetic and fantastic force.

Favorite Tracks: “The Phoenix,” “Swayze,” & “Elysium”



Nathan has contributed to I Heart Local Music since November 2012. He lives in Kansas City, MO.

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