If there’s a holiday in the midst, Hammerlord finds a way to redefine it. This year’s Valentine’s Day was no different, as the Replay played host to a slew of vicious metal bands.

Species started off the evening with a jaw-dropping performance. This isn’t what we expected out of such a young, baby-faced band. The Kansas City natives mean mugged the entire performance, while much of the audience was left with their jaws on the floor. Never have we regretted forgetting ear plugs as much as we did on this night.

Hossferatu continued the carnage, surrounded by their fan base. There’s something quite unnerving about Hossferatu, as though they were the ultimate brutes of the night. The frontman wouldn’t step foot on stage, and the audience enjoyed getting a full dose of his intense presence right in the face.
By the time the belles of the ball took the stage, folks were crammed up in corners and pinned up against the pinball machines. Fans were so stoked for Hammerlord’s set, they even got a little rougher than what we’re used to seeing at metal shows. It’s easy to see why, though. Hammerlord only knows how to give 110%, and you can always count on them giving their all. Everyone gets the chance to interact physically and mentally with this band, who continues to wow on stages both large and small.

Here’s a song off their latest album:

Words and photos by Fally Afani



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