Despite being a school night (or not for some, yay summer!) LFK brought the excitement to the Granada for Japandroids.

New York noise rock trio A Place to Bury Strangers opened the show with a set that culminated in a destroyed amp and a thoroughly rocked set. Bassist and vocalist Dion Lunadon communed with the crowd, jumping onto the floor, bass and all, and let the fans surround him.

Punk rock boys from Vancouver, and indie scene darlings, Japandroids took over. Their low-fi, happy punk sound was the perfect followup to the intense previous set, and dancing and stage diving was inevitable. The duo was loving the energy from the crowd, enough so that guitarist and vocalist Brian King asked where they’s all been the last time they played Kansas. They sure as hell showed up for them this time.

Words and photos by Lillian Wright Smith