40 Watt Dreams is the latest project to come out of Katie Euliss, who you may recognize as one-half of Truckstop Honeymoon. On Friday evening she hit the Replay stage with a full band, which included partner Mike West. She traded in her bass for a guitar and even rocked the banjo for a bit.

40 Watt Dreams’ songs are a little more easy-going than what we’re used to hearing from her folky past. The songs are also a bit more bitter, laced with lyrics like “Bad news on the way” and “When I left my hometown, I should have burned it town.” But the performance is such a treat, it’s hard not to smile and boogie during the set. Euliss is just as darling and likable onstage as ever, and keeps her tongue-in-cheek persona at the forefront.

Here’s a video from the evening:



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