Scores of Lawrencians reveled in rich community activities this weekend for the monthly city-wide art soiree known as Final Fridays. The Percolator was especially well-attended on Friday thanks to a charming and lovable lineup from the music community coinciding with their “Make Love” exhibit.

Walt Babbit crooned over slow country ballads that even had some singing along. He flexed his yodeling muscles much to the audience’s delight, and nearly brought a tear to everyone’s eyes with a sympathetic and touching rendition of “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?”

Mel Smith followed with an intensely bizarre performance surrounding unusual instruments. It consisted of ringing bowls and ticking his head from side to side in rhythm. The man was definitely a character and charmed audiences with his oddity.

After a few rounds of poetry and a campfire singalong outside, Baby Jessica (formerly Blakey Bear) performed what would be his final show in Lawrence before moving to Japan. In a bittersweet sendoff, the perfect-postured performer (armed with nothing more than a guitar and some hefty reverb) delivered a dreamy set of songs that drifted off like a sweet-smelling perfume into the night air, filling the gallery with a sense of peace and calm.

Heartscape Landbreak gave fans an intimate acoustic set sans any amplification, and opted instead to move closer to the crowd to indulge in songs about love (and loss of love). It was so quiet, nobody dared to make a noise so as not to disrupt the mood.