We knew this show was going to be nothing but fun when we saw a Lincoln Continental roll up into the parking lot, stuffed with elderly women with flashy red hair teased to the moon. If you were a baby boomer (or older), the Hall and Oates show at the Starlight in Kansas City was the place to be if you were looking to cut loose and go a little wild on Saturday night. Before the show even started, we overheard a staffer tell one of the bouncers “If people want to get up and dance near the stage, that’s ok. They’re allowed to do that.”

Hall and Oates wasted no time diving into old favorites, kicking off the set with “Out of Touch.” Daryl Hall was a talker and knew how to get the crowd worked up for each number. “Let’s do a big bam boom song!” he’d yell before jumping into another one of their timeless hits.

The duo was only half the reason this show was such a riot. Every single member of that audience brought their A-game. They came ready to party. They delivered standing ovations after every single song (yes, every single song). It never got exhausting, because their enthusiasm was simply infectious. Don’t even get us started on what happened every time the saxophone player busted a move onstage. We darn near expected to see the panties getting tossed at the blonde, ponytail clad saxophone player.

The band finished with some fun numbers, including a nearly ten-minute version of “I Can’t Go For That,” which started with the saxophone player shaking things up with a little jazz flute. The audience lost their minds for this one. Those who weren’t swaying in their seats were up dancing in the aisles. It appears the conversation we overheard earlier between the Starlight staffer and bouncer did have some merit to it after all, because the venue was nothing but silver-haired and sequined-shirted baby boomers cutting a rug as far as the eye could see.



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