There was no shortage of patriotism, excitement, and dancing at the Replay on Wednesday night. Fourth of July and The ACBs drew in a large crowd that eventually became just about standing room only (but there was still room to cut a rug). Attending a Fourth of July show on the Fourth of July is a long-standing tradition that has become a rite of passage for any good scenester.

The show was full of pleasant little unexpected hiccups. The bass player for Fourth of July was running late, so The ACBs extended their already fantastic set. This included a Roots cover and a turn from Andrew Connor (of Ghosty) on the mic. The patriotism was so thick you could cut it with a knife, and their set ended with the band yelling “America!” and jumping all about the stage.

Another unexpected turn happened when a familiar face appeared with Fourth of July. Lead singer Brendan Hangauer broke his wrist, so Say My Name filled in on guitar while Hangauer rocked it solo (or “Mick Jaggered” it, as one of his bandmates called it). This left room for some swanky dance moves and interactions with the crowd. “I’m dancing way better than all you guys,” he yelled at the audience. “Let’s dance!”

That wasn’t the only injury present. Hangauer pointed to a friend who suffered an injury that day and received 25 stitches in his leg, but was still front and center at the Replay. Nothing, it seems, can keep these folks away from a Fourth of July show.

Enjoy this video of Fourth of July leading the Replay in the Star Spangled Banner (bonus video after the gallery!):



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