We’re continuing our excitement for Lawrence Field Day Fest by introducing you to another band that will play the local music festival.

Below you’ll find a video of Doubleplus at the Replay on Friday. The band is fairly new, with just a handful of shows under their belt. But some members of the band are veterans of the scene. We’re particularly fond of the drummer, who goes at it fast and hard NONSTOP. There’s no shortage of energy with that feller.

Disclaimer: We can’t say too much about the band’s frontman Mitch Jones because he occasionally takes photos for I Heart Local Music, so covering him would be a conflict of interest (boo!). But we hope you’ll enjoy their set at Lawrence Field Day this week.



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  • Nick, July 13, 2012 @ 6:45 pm

    these guys are awesome! i saw the bass player in a bad religion tribute band last year too. i think its the same dude

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