Last year, Eudora-based band Anakin launched a kickstarter campaign to record their very first album. The result was so successful that they’re doing it again.

The band’s debut album, “Random Accessed Memories,” was released nearly five months ago, and the band is already itching to get back to work in the studio. According to the band’s kickstarter page, they only managed to record two tracks in a pro studio. They’re hoping to increase the quality on this next album.

The band is looking at raising a very humble $1,800, and is handing out rewards for donations such as limited edition posters and digital downloads. I Heart Local Music was so pleased with the band’s debut project, we’d like to see them succeed with this next endeavor. To jog your memory, the band is like an even more incredible mix of Weezer meets Hum. Check out one of their music videos below (the song is totally boss), and throw some help their way.



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