The Grisly Hand - Western Ave.

The Grisly Hand are about to have a very busy year.

On the heels of their latest EP release, they’ve got a slew of shows lined up. They’re kicking things off at the Brick on Saturday.

There are several reasons you should go out and catch a Grisly Hand show. For one, they have one of the most charismatic lead singers this side of the Kansas River. She oozes confidence and may have you eating out of the palm of her hand by the end of the set. The fiddler is also a hoot to watch in this badass bluegrass ensemble.

Within their new EP, Western Ave., you’ll find feel-good folky tunes accompanied by some of the most beautiful harmonizing you’ll hear in Northeast Kansas. But there really isn’t anything like a Grisly Hand live show. It’ll lift your spirits and keep you dancing all night long. Catch them at the Replay the fourth weekend of February.

The EP officially drops February 1st. In the meantime, enjoy these gorgeous tunes from one of the hardest working bands in the scene.