The Noise FM
Forgive the pun, but for members of The Noise FM, there really is no place like home. Brothers Alex and Austin Ward relocated to Chicago nearly a year ago, but they’re still familiar faces here in Lawrence. “Even though we’ve been up there for almost seven months, Lawrence still feels like home,” says vocalist and guitarist Alex. “Even when we play shows onstage, we say we’re a band from Kansas.”

As a result of their homesickness, the band has made several trips back to the Lawrence and Kansas City area. On Friday they’ll be joined by Quiet Corral and Photo Atlas at the Bottleneck. Despite the frequent trips back home, Alex says he feels like there are still some experiences he’s missing out on in their home away from home. “We’ve been friends with every band in Lawrence,” says Alex. “Since we’ve moved away there’s a few bands that popped up that we didn’t get to play with or meet yet.”
The social butterflies may have more opportunities to mingle with Lawrence’s newest crop of bands, because it doesn’t look like they’ll be doing anything other than playing and touring anytime soon. “I don’t think we would be happy individually as people doing anything else other than playing in our band right now,” says Alex. “It’s important right now that we pursue this as long as we can, and see if we can make something out of The Noise FM.”
Catch the Noise Boys at the Bottleneck on Friday, July 15th.



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