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Photo Gallery: The 2024 Mardi Gras parade

Mardi Gras is always, in our opinion, the best (and loudest) day of the year for live music in Lawrence, Kansas. What started as a
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The Top Ten most badass things we saw from touring acts in 2023

Lawrence is known for its quirky music scene, and after a rocky couple of years it feels like 2023 finally got us back into our

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Photo Gallery: Friendly Thieves / Flash Floods

Have you ever seen a band just knock it out of the park during their first time in town? If you were at the Jazzhaus
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Radkey to headline fundraiser for musicians’ mental healthcare

If there’s one thing the community has learned during the pandemic, it’s just how valuable Midwest Music Foundation is. The Kansas City organization is known


Zola Jesus brings colorful intensity to the Granada

At a quarter past 10:00 on a Wednesday night at the Granada, with a plastic iceberg planted dead-center, Zola Jesus took the stage. The venue