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July’s best music bets in Lawrence

Oooooh boy, it’s hot out there! Luckily, Lawrence’s music scene is quite adept at putting on shows in the heat. If you’re not inside an


Musical activism with Ebony Tusks

Ebony Tusks is playing a different game now. The force behind the act that’s reclaiming their place in the scene has now grown to three.

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St. Vincent brings captivating choreography to Liberty Hall

Annie Clark is a musician like no other. The mastermind behind St. Vincent has graced Lawrence over the years, constantly developing her music and live


A hot hoopla: Mammoth Life, Cowboy Indian Bear, Cloud Dog entertain at the Jackpot

On Thursday night, Mammoth Life, Cowboy Indian Bear and Cloud Dog braved a muggy venue to bring a night of dancing, sweating and celebration to


Not enough irons in the fire: mighty musician Taylor Holenbeck up to his ears in the Lawrence scene

Taylor Holenbeck may very well be one of the most fascinating and hard working musicians in Lawrence. I’ve lovingly dubbed him “The James Franco of