Roughians at The Replay: The Men / JabberJosh / Sick Bros

The Replay was pretty packed and wound up for a Tuesday night, but a night of this much vicious rock warrants a thicker crowd. Hardcore


A head banging block party

On Saturday longtime drinking establishment The Sandbar threw a block party in Downtown Lawrence to celebrate their 22nd birthday. There was something everyone could enjoy


Ad Astra Arkestra records series of living room performances

There’s always been something cozy about Ad Astra Arkestra. As thrilling and bizarre as their performances are, there’s still something familial and good-humored about them.


OK Go Making the Impossible Possible

There will be more than thirty bands gracing the stages at Kanrocksas this weekend, but OK Go’s set is not one to miss. The band


A hot hoopla: Mammoth Life, Cowboy Indian Bear, Cloud Dog entertain at the Jackpot

On Thursday night, Mammoth Life, Cowboy Indian Bear and Cloud Dog braved a muggy venue to bring a night of dancing, sweating and celebration to

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Album Review: The Magentlemen – The Magentlemen

Editor’s note: Bethany Smith is an experienced rock journalist, and has graciously agreed to review The Magentlemen for I Heart Local Music. We are grateful


Harvey Milk lead night of heavy rock at the Jackpot

Wednesday night’s show at the Jackpot was not for the faint at heart. Four very loud bands took the stage, each progressive and aggressive. Ponyboy


Electronic acts impress at the Replay

On Tuesday night all sorts of electronic music goodness was oozing out of the Replay. To some people, all electronic music sounds the same. But


Dr. Octor changes it up at the Replay

I’ve enjoyed watching Dr. Octor transform over the past few weeks. The first time I saw them, they were heavy on the acoustic guitar and


The Noise FM gear up for a happy homecoming

Forgive the pun, but for members of The Noise FM, there really is no place like home. Brothers Alex and Austin Ward relocated to Chicago