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The Vintage Virtuoso: Neal Francis is bringing nostalgic cool (and piano rock) to the Bottleneck

For the most part during the pandemic, musicians had to lay low, sit on their hands, and dream about the next big gig. But Neal

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Photo Gallery: Alien Hellbop / The Shebangs / Lonnie Fisher and the Funeral

A lot of bands wanted to wait until shows returned to release new music. As a result, at this point in the pandemic, a lot
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Photo Gallery: Caribou / Jessy Lanza

Caribou / Photo by Fally Afani On Thursday night Caribou hit the Granada with a set so stunning, it'll easily make everyone's Top Ten lists
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Photo Gallery: Julien Baker / Dehd at the Granada

Julien Baker / Photo by Fally Afani Monday was hardly mundane as indie rock heavyweight Julien Baker made a triumphant and provocative return to the
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It’s time to obsess over Stephonne

If you sauntered into the Replay Friday night, you were lucky enough to experience the absolute force that is Stephonne. The statuesque and sultry performer
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Album Review: The Roseline – “Constancy”

The Roseline / Photo by Fally Afani At this point, The Roseline are nothing less than mainstays of Lawrence’s music scene. The band has been
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Dancing, rock, and all the glam stand out in November’s Best Bets

Hello, Fall! It’s time to break out all your fashionable coats, jackets, and windbreakers and head to a show. We’ve noticed a bit of a

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Unfit Wives brought their love of Halloween to their album release show

Unfit Wives / Photo by Fally Afani It's no secret that Unfit Wives love spooky season. If you pass by their merch table at any
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Horned Wolf returns mightier than ever

Horned Wolf / Photo by Fally Afani It always happens this time of year... metalheads come out of the woodwork, let their flowing locks down,