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Arquesta Del SolSoul releases dreamy new track

We’re in the dog days of Summer, and as we count down the days to cooler weather it’s time to lean into the haziest of

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Photo Gallery: Drakkar Sauna / Hazel and the Problems / Luxem, Sauders, and Dixey

You've got to be a really, really well-loved band to have folks gleefully come see you play an outdoor show in this heat. Seven years
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Photo Gallery: IV and the Strange Band / Arthur Dodge and the Horsefeathers / The Roseline

You can't escape bluegrass, folk, and Americana this month. What with the upcoming Kaw River Roots Fest and Fid Pick, it's just about everywhere... it's
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Cuee had top surgery and immediately shot a music video to celebrate

All we want for all of our trans friends is to see them living their best lives. The finest example of this sentiment that we

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Sky Smeed releases song about squirrel meat

We all know that Sky Smeed writes some beautiful and romantic music. But every now and then, he writes a pretty silly one (“Bumper Sticker”

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Pat Benatar brought the rockers out in Kansas City

Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo / Photo by Fally Afani I don't know how you celebrate your wedding anniversary, but Pat Benatar does it in
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Photo Gallery: Goo Goo Dolls / Blue October at the Starlight

Goo Goo Dolls / Photo by Fally Afani Pre-pandemic, we can recall Goo Goo Dolls making it to Kansas City just about every year. Now,
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Bluegrass takes center stage in live music for August

Well, we hope you like bluegrass because there seems to be an endless supply this month in Lawrence, Kansas. August is such a great time

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Educators unite to rock for local schools

The thing about musicians in this town is… they’re everywhere. They work in your restaurants, banks, and sometimes are even teaching your children in schools.

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Josh Groban finally lands (again) in Kansas City

Josh Groban / Photo by Fally Afani "I feel like I'm in a Baptist church tonight!" a very sweaty Josh Groban told a very sweaty