The sudden onslaught of ice and freezing rain was no match for fans of swing and jazz music Friday night, as fans flocked to Liberty Hall to see a swing band that has withstood the test of time.

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy has been playing together in some form since the early 90’s, and they’ve managed to maintain longevity thanks to a dedicated fan base and exciting live show. They have such a niche sound, it’s no small feat that they manage to bring something new to their shows. Every song from the nine-membered band was powered by muted horn solos, scooting around stage, and the occasional stride piano. It was not lost on frontman and founder Scotty Morris that fans today are a lot more receptive to their sound that when they first started in the 90’s (he indulged the audience with stories of competing with grunge bands back in their early days).

Paired perfectly with local favorites Band That Saved The World, the audience (despite it being a seated show) were in high spirits through the end of the night. There wasn’t a lot of dancing in the aisles (we’d venture to say most of the crowd was over 55), but there was no shortage of merriment and incredibly stylish attendees. Photos below.



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