Atticus vonHolten
There’s an artist we’ve been keeping tabs on for a while in the Lawrence music scene. Atticus vonHolten is your typical Lawrencian who grew up in the rich arts community in a family rich in arts experience. Now, it seems, he’s growing into his wisdom and releasing some pretty gorgeous music.

“Peel,” off his upcoming EP A Highway Tore Through Me, is a slow burner of a track, perfect for that hazy and confusing time between Summer and Fall, which seems to stretch forever in Kansas. You’ll hear some delicate percussion and guitars with a drawl backing up his baritone vocals on “Peel,” and an extra treat is backing vocals from MAW’s Tracy Floreani.

We love the direction Atticus is heading with his music. You can hear that sound and see him in person this weekend at the Bottleneck when he plays with a host of local musicians there on Saturday.



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