Just listening to Iris Hyde’s lyrics, you wouldn’t believe all that heartache and melody could come out of someone just beginning to blossom in the music scene. But Hyde, who performs under the moniker Iris Elke, is wise beyond her teen years.

She opened up a night dedicated to teen performers in Lawrence, an all ages-affair at the Replay on Friday that featured rockers Redroom and Girls Rock alumni LK Ultra. Hyde plucked and strummed flawlessly as her angel-like vocals soothed with both originals and covers. With a voice that smooth and lyrics so heartbreaking, she can easily be received as the Julien Baker of our area. The 17 year-old divided her time between performing solo and calling her brother (a member of LK Ultra) up onstage for vocal harmonies. Iris’ rapidly growing expertise can solely be credited with the moment the audience stopped seeing her as a former high-profile Girls Rock camper, and instead welcomed her as the scene’s newest up-and-coming songwriter.

You can watch two videos below– one is a song she just recently started debuting, the other a Post Malone cover.



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