Momma’s Boy / Photo by Lillian Wright

I’ve been granted a lot of goodwill from artists and readers alike for writing some downright cheesy things on this website. Words or phrases I would never say in conversation, because of the inevitable cringe I would get from whatever poor soul had to hear me say it. But despite my best efforts (and limited vocabulary), I believe what leads me to write a review that features such language is the power of the music I’m hearing (I’m already starting, I’m sorry). So please, bear with me, as I try to articulate how sensual, dreamy, and incredible “Want Me Back” is.

Momma’s Boy start with some lite keys, grooves, and coo-ing group vocals on the chorus, before the ripping guitar takes over, leading a flurry of cymbal crashes to drop into a brief silence. Then the soft bass starts back up again. To steal a quote from Blue Valentine: “You know when a song comes on and you just gotta dance?” This is it. This is the song. I need “Want Me Back” to soundtrack the rest of my life. At once forlorn and sexy, Momma’s Boy start 2018 as cool as the winter moon.

Editor’s note: You can watch Momma’s Boy live Friday night at The Riot Room with Dreamgirl and Rachel Mallin.