The infectious groovepop outfit Pink Royal have released a six song EP with the dog days of summer winding down into the crisp autumn. But thankfully they manage to ride that summer vibe over the course of Do You Mind, making you ache just for one more day of sun-filled bliss.

After a lineup change, and now featuring two lead vocalists, the quintet hasn’t lost any of their beauty and catchy nature. The guitars absolutely shred throughout; the vocals hitting with a staccato punctuation to match the popping drums. The sexy delivery on the opening track is punctuated by the crunch of one guitar and steely cascade of another; keyboards sneaking in to elevate the stellar harmonies, hiding the heartbreak (“But in the end it’s all the same/So I’ve gotta learn to let you go”). Speaking of “steely,” name dropping Steely Dan on “From High Above” seems appropriate with the crystal clear production on the EP with its math rock core; every part, every member of the band, fits perfectly.

The cascading guitar matching the spitfire vocals on the title track, the dance groove of “The Knock,” and the single “Bring It On Back” which is sure to be a huge hit (if it isn’t already) live. Actually, that could be said about all six songs. Though I love the instantly fun aspects of Do You Mind, the somber coolness of “Candid” may be my favorite on the whole record. Once again, the technical work is terrific, but the soul behind these songs are what make Pink Royal special.

Favorite Tracks: “The End (Can’t Go Back),” “Do You Mind,” & “Candid”



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