The title track from Fake Natives full length debut is a bass driven, melancholic anthem that sounds like an ode to 1980s post-punk. Its low-key delivery (“I hope we don’t lose touch/I would be crushed”) seems nonchalant, but it perfectly lays out the difficulty of maintaining friendships across distances and time.

It’s catchy enough to keep your head bobbing, but the message is clear: those important to you will continue to live their lives regardless of what you do. “You will have a baby and you’ll be getting hitched/And I’ll be watching reruns and I’ll be feeling ditched” is the devastating revelation from our narrator and I can tell you it’s a relatable track. What we prioritize as we get older and we what hold onto can stray further and further or we romanticize the past (why would anyone want to change?). The love of nostalgia and sentimentalizing can always paint a great picture in your own head. But when you find out others don’t even think about the memory you’ve held onto? That’s brutal.

Lose Touch is out today (June 23rd)

Editor’s note: Fake Natives play Frank’s North Star Tavern Friday.



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