“Experimental” may not be a strong enough word for Wides.

The band, fronted by Paper Buffalo’s drummer, started as a two piece and has now fleshed out their tone with a third member on synth. Drummers tend to be animals that are contained to the kit. So when that animal moves to the front and you give him a mic, all hell breaks loose.

In a town where psychedelic is still ruling hard, Wides has grown into an animalistic psych rock jumble. The turmoil Wides seeks to achieve can be great fun when they’re playing around with tempos and flirting with jazz. Wides wants to do it all, and they’re wild enough to the point where nobody will stand in their way if they do. With the flailing, the hair, and the mayhem-themed scratchiness in the frontman’s screaming, it’s no wonder the kids love them so.

Words and photos by Fally Afani