Here are a couple of smooth tunes for your morning.

Carswell & Hope just released two new tracks in anticipation of a weekend full of shows. “Glass Doors” is a lovely instrumental track, and “The Flood” comes off as effortlessly fluid. These songs come to us from the crooning indie folk rockers fronted by local Irishman Nick Carswell. “The Flood” is particularly guitar-heavy, yet maintains a mild and gentle tone with polished high notes from the vocals (and plenty of “oohs” to guide you to a peaceful state of mind).

What’s important to note is that Carswell & Hope have never produced anything less than splendid. We’ve come to know this local act as an accomplished set of songwriters with foolproof hooks and excellent approaches to music.

You can listen to the tracks below before seeing them at First Friday in the Crossroads in Kansas City later today, Saturday and Sunday at KC Irish Fest, or at the Replay next Friday for a matinee show.



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