by Nathan Cardiff

Dolls On Fire, Photo Courtesy Jodie Platz Photography
Dolls On Fire twist and turn through genres on their sophomore record Synesthesia. They start with power-pop friendly tracks “Mr Riot Vs Most Of You,” the funny “Famous (More Like Lameous),” and “So Lost In Love, Part II” with its killer bass riff. They move to prog-rock heavies “We Are The Lucky Ones,” “Criminal,” & “My Emily” featuring some dynamite drumming and stunning synth. There’s the spooky “Mr Riot Vs The Ghosts That Haunt Record Bar,” letting the dual vocals glide over the heavy thump of the track. And then out of fucking nowhere, comes “Another Kind Of Day,” a song so frighteningly gorgeous it catches you off guard. As if the band spent eight tracks driving the album a hundred miles an hour to slam on the brakes, but when you catch your breath you find a calm ocean and warm light on your face.

The common theme among all these tracks? Dolls On Fire rock the fuck out. Synesthesia isn’t meant to be listened to while sitting still. You may find yourself involuntarily dancing around the living room, head banging in the car, or playing air guitar/drums walking down the sidewalk. And if you get a cross look, just play any of the tracks to a stranger; they’ll understand immediately. Fun and rowdy with a shimmering “crunch” on the record, Dolls On Fire knock the piss out of winter with their brand of rock and roll.

Favorite Tracks: “Mr Riot Vs Most Of You,” “Broken Boy,” “Another Kind Of Day”

by Nathan Cardiff



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