by Nathan Cardiff

I’ve had the pleasure of writing multiple reviews for the many projects Cameron Hawk has been involved in: his pop endeavors with The Dead Girls; the punk rock rawness with Stiff Middle Fingers (pictured); the wild sound of Many Moods of Dad; even his tremendous drumming in Hidden Pictures. Consider me a fan. Hawk has now released his first solo record, Dream You Forgot. He showcases his pop sensibilities and strong songwriting skills over these eleven tracks. The gentle folk sounds of “(What I’d Do) If I Were With You,” “Ariel Vue,” and “Messy Days” will have you fawning over Hawk’s vocal delivery and the instrumental beauties “Nervousness” and the dramatic “Black And Blue Bird” give him the spotlight for his musicianship.

With Hawk at the helm, he moves all over the spectrum of sound. The snaps and hypnotic rhythm of “Fire Again” let him deliver quiet vocals and acoustic guitar with a powerful presence. Then he hits you with the rollicking rockers “Walk Around The Block At Dusk” and closer “Running Off.” Dream You Forgot lets Hawk take chances and put himself on display to ultimately deliver a magnificently well done LP. Sweet at times, lightly humorous at others, and all around genuine, the record is another great accomplishment from the artist.

Favorite Tracks: “Fire Again,” “Dropped On The Rocks,” & “Running Off”

by Nathan Cardiff



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