by Nathan Cardiff

Somehow, some way, The Fog blend up a sinister mixture of pop, anthem rock, and a tremendous amount of noise into their LP. The endlessly poppy Darkness USA may be a surprise from a band whose name pays homage to a horror film, but the bond that keeps all these songs together (other than an undeniable talent) is that they are WEIRD. And I say that endearingly. Darkness USA changes time signatures and sound on a whim, dancing between feedback and jangling guitars, sweet harmonies and screeches, light percussion and slamming drums.

Look no further than “Green House,” the psychotic head bobber that pushes and pulls from one tone to the next at a breakneck pace. The guitars go light and heavy at a moment’s notice. “Dog Mouth” is a sweet track (with lyrics declaring “In a perfect world”) with melodic “woos” laid over buzzing guitars that smack us back into reality (“This is real life!” the vocals declare).

The majority of the ten tracks on Darkness USA hover between two and two & a half minutes, with only two crossing the three minute mark. That is until the title track at the end. “Darkness USA” is a massive, nearly seven minute, closer that starts with a slow burn before exploding. It’s appropriate that this is the title track, since it encompasses what the The Fog’s music is all about (or at least what it is all about on this record). They are out to change what pop music/rock & roll is all about. The Fog sound ready to play the basement or a festival stage; either way, they’ll destroy it.

Favorite Tracks: “Dog Mouth,” “Green House,” & “Darkness USA”

by Nathan Cardiff

Editor’s note: You can catch The Fog this Friday at the Replay



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