The Quivers are just too damn sexy. The wild (and foul) retro rockers from Kansas City turned an empty Jackpot dance floor into a hot mess on Friday night when they plowed through loads of new songs at their CD Release show on Friday.

The frontwoman is the main culprit, although all members are quite fetching in their suits and ties. Terra Skaggs boasts a big bass and a saucy personality. She girates in her halter top dress, scoots across the stage in merciful red heels, and we are smitten. Her growls and astonishing vocals can throw you into a frenzy, but it was when she started straddling the monitor that half the crowd just lost it. She finishes you off with a girate and a smirk, driving everyone wild.

The Quivers were celebrating their CD Release on this night. They recorded the album with a horn section, and on Friday they called up those horns to help blare through their set.

Here’s a clip featuring the first track off their new album:



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