There is absolutely nothing more delightful than Beach House fans. Sure, the band plays one epic and gorgeous-sounding set, but it’s the fans that really make their shows memorable.

Set under a sea of dramatic mood lighting at Liberty Hall, Beach House looked dapper in their suit jackets and button-up shirts. Their twinkly background thrilled the audience, while confetti from last month’s Flaming Lips show still lingered in the air.

There is not a more enthusiastic group of fans than those who dedicate themselves to Beach House. They get downright over the top for even the calmest of songs. We saw one feller pumping his fists super hard during “Zebra,” and another tough-looking meathead high-fived his buddy when “Take Care” started up. Those are very dreamy and super slow songs, but apparently that’s all it takes to bring out the animal in their fans. Some people were even, dare I say it, throwing the horns during the dreamy music.

Here are some photos (and video) from the night: