I’ve never seen so many people go nuts on a Tuesday night. Only a show of this magnitude was enough to entice the older crowd out on a weekday (and make them go wild).

I Break Horses at the Granada

I Break Horses

I Break Horses started things off for the amazingly good natured crowd at the sold out show. The spacey, beautiful, and enriching electronic music sounded great on the album; which is why the audience was so delighted to see how lively the live set turned out. Donning a sparkly blouse, the frontwoman was sassy and talkative in between grooving to the music onstage.


M83 at the Granada


We knew we were in for some real eye candy when they started setting up all the lights. Not even the glowing sea of iPhones could squash this electrifying light show (complete with magic light sabers of some sort). When M83 started their set, the crowd was showered in lights coming from every direction. Every time one of the lights hit the audience, that section of the venue would squeal with delight. The backdrop was even more enigmatic, resembling a night sky with its tiny LED lights poking out.
M83 provided calming tunes to match the star gazing. It was beautiful, serene, and perfect. But it wasn’t long before they switched to a wild ruckus, throwing all the epic electronic noises and wailing vocals that we were promised on the album.

M83 at the Granada
Some members of the audience were fairly overwhelmed with the fantastic set. We heard several responses from the crowd that resembled the double rainbow guy. “Fucking beautiful!” and “This is so fucking awesome!” were phrases we heard repeated (particularly during the more intricate parts of the light show).
Major kudos must be given to the fans who fought to stay at the front. They kept the show lively as ever by jumping up and down to the music nonstop. Having a real drummer during an electronic music set only evoked more dancing from the packed-liked-sardines crowd. By the time the band dived into their big hit, “Midnight City,” the crowd just lost it. The floor was shaking, people clapped, and the stomping was enough to rumble Mass Street. But that was all nothing… NOTHING… compared to how the crowd reacted during the saxophone solo. Up until then, the band primarily stuck to their respective instruments (drums, synth, guitar, etc.). But suddenly, a saxophone appeared onstage and the cheers were deafening. When’s the last time YOU saw a sold-out venue go that crazy for the sax?

Every member of that band was on it. They brought their A game 100%. We were treated to heavy doses of major talent and energy from every single person onstage, and the crowd returned the favor with an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response. They were all smiles as they exited the venue and headed home.
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