If you love bluegrass and dancing children, then there’s really no better place to be on Sunday evenings than Lawrence. While most folks may dread the end of their weekend, Lawrencians embrace it with an all-out folk party.

Scores of music lovers packed the Replay like sardines for Tyler Gregory’s set on Sunday. They cut a rug with their friends, neighbors, kids, friends’ kids, etc. Mr. Gregory did not disappoint. He sat perched upon his suitcase, belting out tunes and happily strumming along while his backing band provided beats that really made you move.

By the time Truckstop Honeymoon went on, the Replay was just about standing room only. Not even the kids could get up and dance (in fact, they adorably sat in a straight line at the front of the stage). Hot off of a lengthy (and very distant) tour, the band was relieved to see so many familiar and friendly faces at their homecoming.

Scroll past the photo gallery to see videos of the electrifying performances.



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