Every now and then a new band comes along that just knocks our socks off. Let us introduce you to Radkey.

The band is made up of three brothers who play really great punk. That set was tight, we couldn’t find a single flaw on them. Radkey is mostly punk with just a touch of rockabilly. The guitarist shreds like crazy, and boy can the bass player scream.

They’re a little theatrical at times, with their eyes flying wide open and their hair flipping all over the place. Not a single song passed without a killer guitar solo, which allowed the bass player to rock out hard on stage. The band also sprinkles a few covers into their set (they ended on a killer rendition of the Teen Titans theme).

Radkey was, for the most part, pretty sassy. They started each song with a comical line full of attitude. Here’s a sampling of a few:

“This next one’s called cat and mouse. It’s about murder and shit.”
“This one’s called pretty things. It’s about not being into pretty things.”
“This one’s about our grandpa. He’s a fucking asshole.”

After their set, I came to learn that this incredible band (the very same band that brought several people to the Replay on a Wednesday night and delivered one killer song after another) is made up of teenagers (which would explain the very baby-faced drummer). None of them were old enough to be inside the Replay, and only one of them was old enough to buy cigarettes.

Color me impressed. Here is a group of very young musicians who play as though they’ve been around the block. Radkey tends to prove that age really is just a number. The band resides in St. Joe, but the next time they play Lawrence, you ought to get yourself down to the show. It sounds like they’re keen on the town as well, because the bass player ended the set saying “I love Lawrence, it’s just the most enthusiasm. I dig it.”

Believe us when we tell you that they earned every bit of enthusiasm they got from the crowd that night.



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  • Drew, April 21, 2012 @ 9:35 pm

    It’s nothing new that Radkey is awesome. But it’s always fun to here.

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