Kyle Sheline, of Mansion, doing his best John Brown impression
Name: Kyle Sheline

Band: Mansion (Guitar)

Book: Breakfast of Champions (Kurt Vonnegut)

“I just like pretty much all Kurt Vonnegut stuff, and this was the first one that I read. I think I just picked it up at one of my friend’s houses and I was like ‘Daaaaang, this is crazy.'”

Movie: Do the Right Thing

“It happened to be on somewhere and I thought it was amazing. It’s not about pizza but it has pizza in it. It’s really funny and serious at the same time.”

Video Game: NBA Jam (Sega Genesis)

“That’s the only game I have, and I can beat anyone at it. They came out with a new one on Wii, and that’s the only other video game that I play. I started playing it when was I was in middle or elementary school. It’s really simple and I can’t do the other video games for some reason.”

Website: Gmail.



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