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perfect for: after work relaxation/porch time with friends

  1. ACB’s – It Sure Looks Dark and Lonely (Stona Rosa)
    I consider Kansas City’s the ACB’s a band everyone should see live. That being said, although not as , 2010’s Stona Rosa is the ultimate “chill” cd and “It Sure Looks Dark and Lonely” is that down tempo, breezy tune that accompanies a windy Lawrence day beautifully.
  2. Quiet Corral – Lonely Company (Quiet Corral)
    Quiet Corral is easily comparable to many folk rock outfits, and yet, they appear to make the sound all their own. Though the members range in age, they approach the audience with a young excitement that carries over the crowd in a wave of genuine enthusiasm for their craft.
    you can catch Quiet Corral this Friday, April 15th @ the Jackpot w/ The Delta Saints and Spirit is the Spirit
  3. Drakkar Sauna – Ballad of the Unborn (20009)
    There’s genuinely nothing quite like the witty, honest songwriting of Wallace Cochran and Jeff Stolz. I once watched Wallace recite a Shel Silverstein poem “The Great Smoke Off”, and left with a feeling of wonder only provoked by great storytellers. In “The Ballad of the Unborn” you get a big helping of that comedic storytelling plus a considerably catchy chorus to boot.
    you can catch Drakkar Sauna tonight, April 12th @ the Jackpot
  4. Hospital Ships – Little Dead Leaves (Lonely Twin)
    Though I can honestly tell you that this entire album is superb, “Little Dead Leaves” had stuck in my head since I first heard the demo of it two years ago. It calls to mind a fragile and somewhat desolate feel familiar to those who enjoy Fever and Mirrors era Bright Eyes.
    you can catch Hospital Ships May 15 @ the Record Bar w/ Other Lives and S. Carey (of Bon Iver)
  5. Saharan Gazelle Boy – Haunted Way (Strange Teen Heart)
    You know those songs that equally make you feel like dancing around in your underwear and sleeping in a hammock in your back yard? This is one of those songs. This is one of those bands. And it’s wonderful. ‘Nuff said.

  6. Fire in the Churchyard – The Years (2010 demos)
    I enjoy Fire in the Churchyard for the same reasons I enjoy Tender Forever. It’s the shameless, rough around the edges, girl-powered sound that I love to see popping up in Lawrence. Melicent King and Rachael Mulford (formerly of Mammoth Life) team up in this brand new, quirky, pop duo. Go check them out, because, it’s clear to see, they’re only going to get better and better.
    you can catch Fire in the Churchyard Thursday, April 21st @ the Jazzhaus w/ Random Rain and Panda Circus
  7. Hello Biplane – Crazy Girls (EP 2010)
    Spencer Goertz-Giffen’s (The Kinetiks, Hospital Ships) voice has always brought a smile to my face with its subtle ornaments and soft, warm tones. The first time I heard her and Braden Young (The Willnots) together, I had the sudden urge to take a bubble bath and sip on a glass of Malbec. It’s soothing to an overwhelming extent. Perfect lazy day music. Plus, I love whistling. And this band loves whistling. True Love.
    you can catch Hello Biplane May 14th @ the Little Red Schoolhouse in the afternoon or at the Burger Stand  @ 10pm
  8. Spirit is the Spirit – Oh, Speckled Bird (Mother Mountain)
    Austen Malone is one of the most impressive local male vocalists, in my opinion. His rich tones blend within the cornucopia of instruments playing around him, yet manages to cut through and take command when needed. Spirit is the Spirit is the perfect band to watch play the Replay patio as the sun’s going down.
    you can catch Spirit is the Spirit this Friday, April 15th @ the Jackpot w/ The Delta Saints and Quiet Corral 

  9. Elevator Action – Six (Elevator Action)
    “Six” is a graceful ending to any mixtape. It soars tastefully throughout, with guitars building slowly but surely to climax then swiftly to decrescendo. Great bike riding song.
    you can catch Elevator Action Friday, April 15th @ the Bottleneck w/ Oils and Fourth of July

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  • Katlyn Conroy, April 13, 2011 @ 4:14 pm

    I apologize for the following errors above:

    In reference to the ACB’s: “That being said, although not as (aggressive as a live performance), 2010’s Stona Rosa is the ultimate “chill” cd and “It Sure Looks Dark and Lonely” is that down tempo, breezy tune that accompanies a windy Lawrence day beautifully.”

    i’ll get better 🙂

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