by Nathan Cardiff

The Too Much Rock Singles Series has now released Vol. 2, featuring Kansas City outfit Rev Gusto. Their A-side single “Still There” features shimmering guitars and cool vocals; a song as catchy as it gets. The bratty delivery on the vocals show why Rev Gusto have a real pop genius. “And ain’t at all surprised then to hear her say/All the people she knew in the day/They’re still there… they’re still there-ere-ere-ere-ere.”

First of all, the alliteration; well done gentlemen. Subtle and catchy is tough to pull off and they make it sound effortless. And the pause in the chorus between “still” and “there” is just killer. Rev Gusto are absolutely wise beyond their years and it shows in their craft.

Too Much Rock’s passion for local music and vinyl is clear when they can get great material like this. As an added bonus, Rev Gusto covers Graham Parker’s “Local Girls” on the B-side (if you needed any more enticing at this point). The vinyl will be available at local record shops on Record Store Day this Saturday (April 19). And since this is Rev Gusto’s first physical release, I would highly recommend getting yourself a copy.

by Nathan Cardiff



Nathan has contributed to I Heart Local Music since November 2012. He lives in Kansas City, MO.

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