Alferd Packer Memorial String Band

Genre: Old Time String Band with Augmentations Members: Lauralyn Bodle, Noah Musser, Matt Kirby, Steve Mason, Mike Yoder Website: Formed in 1979 in Lawrence,

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Week of live music kicks off at the Douglas County Fair

Alferd Packer Memorial String Band / Photo by Fally Afani Sometimes, songs about cannibalism are best served with with a side of fried pickles and

Glad Bag song receives fantastic fanfare at anniversary show

It was probably the chairs that grabbed everyone’s attention at first. There were rows of them, all lined up in front of the stage at


Alferd Packer Memorial String Band celebrate scary song

Beloved folk artists, quirky musicians… serenaders of death? The Alferd Packer Memorial String Bang can be called all of those things. They get us boogying