September 10


07:00 pm

Event Website

Gaslight Gardens

317 North 2nd Street

Lawrence, KS, United States, 66044

Faith Kelly and Caswyn Moon are just a Couple of Wanderers, two solo artists who travel together from the Catskills of New York. This show is a part of their 5 week summer tour out West! They like to go to smaller towns and play for anyone, anywhere. Exploring America one day at a time. Caswyn starts off with his punky yet melodic Americana with heartfelt old country undertones while Faith accompanies him with her Moog synthesizer. Once he’s done rockin’ his set Faith Kelly takes over with her spacey folk rock’n’roll with Appalachian mountain roots, as she is originally from Duncannon Pennsylvania. Sometimes they switch off and play all night long 🙂

See what they’ve been up to here:

Faith Kelly
Music Video for Honeysuckle Chill:
Most recent music video:
Recent Live Show:
IG/Tiktok: @FaithKellyArt
Caswyn Moon
Caswyn Moon:
Instagram: @CaswynMoon

Join us at this show! Make sure you grab a Catskill Music Scene compilation card from us ! While we’re on the road, we’re traveling with the sounds of our friends back home! You’ll discover so many new artists and who knows! Maybe they’ll be touring your way soon 🙂



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