Tesla’s Cooking Up A New Way To Wire Its Cars, Report Says

These eight shots crystallize the hard work moms put into keeping their kids alive, happy, and healthy. They might give you the inspiration you need

girl with a luggage

50 Years After The Moon Landing: How Close Is Space Travel, Really?

Forget Ebay and other forms of advertising for your property that costs you hard earned money. Why not do it all for free?

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Album Review: Drugs & Attics – “Clean Their Room”

If you’re gonna open your album with a song titled “Drug Party” and have the first lyrics be “I like to party” then you better

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Photo Gallery: Indyground Tour with Steddy P / Scotty Wu

It never ceases to amaze how fantastic the Indyground Tour is at curating new talent. On Saturday night, the crew's last stop on their tour

Watch: Red Sky Home at the Jazzhaus

Some congratulations are in order. Red Sky Home celebrated their band birthday over the weekend with a show at the Jazzhaus. The female-fronted bluegrass band

Editorial: The arts in Lawrence are in danger

Editor’s note: We’re taking a moment away from live music coverage to bring you an urgent issue that affects the arts in music in Lawrence.

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Photo Gallery: Murder By Death / Tim Barry at the Granada

Murder By Death is one of those bands with an incredibly dedicated fan base. Some of those longstanding fans have been watching the live show


Jessica Paige will be America’s next sweetheart

The first time we saw Jessica Paige was back in May at the Bottleneck. Halfway through her set, she busted out a cover of Sia’s


“Hot damn! Holy Christ! Good God!” Father John Misty will sex you now

On Monday night the Bottleneck hosted a show that was so sexual, playful, and easy-going all at the same time, it almost felt like a