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Local hip-hop stars shine as new venue launches in North Lawrence

Kadesh Flow / Photo by Fally Afani It's always a good day when there's an opportunity for live music to expand in Lawrence. North Lawrence
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Local artist nabs several Native American Music Award nominations

It’s hard to keep tabs on Elexa Dawson. The local musician is constantly on the move, working on videos, tours, and new music round-the-clock. In

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Pandemic Play: Hobbies that stuck with musicians through the epidemic

Ever hear the phrase “A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away.” During the pandemic, it was easy to dive head-first into a hobby if

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Tributes, parties, and a whole lot of rock and roll come to the Lawrence music scene in January

Disclaimer: Events may be affected by public health concerns. Confirm details directly with event organizers before proceeding. Find COVID-19 resources here. To semi-quote the great Bill

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Top Ten Coolest Things We Saw from locals in the Lawrence Music Scene in 2021

Alright! It’s been a while since we got to construct one of these lists (fuck you, COVID), but we are jazzed as a bluegrass fan

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Photo Gallery: Marcel P. Black / Kemet Coleman / Kadesh Flow

Marcel P. Black / Photo by Fally Afani If you didn't fuck with hip-hop, on Friday night Marcel P. Black made sure you did. Unless
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Photo Gallery: Caroline Polachek / Oklou at Liberty Hall

Caroline Polachek / Photo by Fally Afani One thing's for sure, this was definitely the most fashionable show of the year. On Wednesday night, fans
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Photo Gallery: Neal Francis / The Whips at the Bottleneck

Neal Francis / Photo by Fally Afani If you've been sleeping on Neal Francis, now is the time to wake up. To the untrained eye