Fullbloods / Photo by Fally Afani

Mild West was one of my favorite albums of 2016 (as reviewed in this very publication) and a record I find myself returning to quite often. It has an ageless quality that comes with its careful craftsmanship; a credit to Ross Brown’s talents in all facets of the album’s creation. Unless you have caught Fullbloods playing live these last four years, the desire for a follow-up LP has gone unquenched.

The drought is over, my friend. Hot on the heels of first single “Stand Up For Me Now” comes “Present By Proxy,” giving us the soft melancholic pop with little treasures filtered throughout and angelic melodies floating right on top. Brown’s falsetto beacons thoughts of warmer Spring days (or maybe “daze” is more appropriate as he takes us on a mellow trip, drifting through moments both mundane and major). He has the power to blur a delivery that can been seen as cynical or sincere. It’s all just raising the anticipation higher for the soon-to-be released LP, Soft and Virtual Touch.



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