Pink Fuzz / Photo by Fally Afani

Sometimes you just need a solid night of rock and roll.

That’s precisely what the lineup at the Jackpot provided Friday night. It was the type of rock and roll that kept vibrating in your bones for the next several hours. Pink Fuzz (formerly Bandits) thrilled with hot guitar riffs and explosive solos. The Denver-based band is no stranger to Lawrence, and delighted fans with the type of thrills and desires only real rockers fulfill. It wasn’t grunge, it wasn’t garage, it was straight up fire.

Vedettes / Photo by Fally Afani

They were joined by Vedettes, who debuted new music that took a more extreme turn down a bluesy road than what we’ve seen before. We don’t know how this happens, but the frontwoman’s vocals have somehow become even more gut-wrenching than before. For the first time, we even saw her ditch the guitar for a song to solely focus on tearing your heart out with those cut-throat lyrics. The Mad Kings were fueled by an equal momentum, thrusting harder into every one of their harmonica-dotted songs throughout the set. Til Willis opened with a rockabilly brand that oozed Joe Strummer coolness.



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