Sunday was hardly lazy, as Muggles and wizards of all ages packed the Library for a rare performance from everybody’s favorite literary-themed band. Many attendees arrived in costume, donning robes, wands, and Potter-rimmed glasses. “Is there anybody here who likes magic?!” they asked the excitable crowd before everyone raised their wands and cheered. Harry and the Potters brought all the fun and fanfare to a lively performance filled with flying beach balls, confetti, and sing-a-longs. Kids crowded around the front and danced the night away while the older book fans smiled ear-to-ear in the back.

The band was joined by their East Coast cohorts Draco and the Malfoys, who performed songs and Potter-themed covers in a number of genres including punk, alternative, and bluegrass. Their in-between banter was kept completely in character, referring to themselves as members of the Malfoy family. “So, growing up in a house full of death eaters, you don’t hear a lot of muggle music,” they joked halfway through the set. “Except for Toby Keith. Toby Keith was a death eater.” The band also quizzed the audience on their spells, and a highlight of the evening included a song that recited nearly every wizard spell discussed in the series.

Draco and the Malfoys singing about spells.

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Words and photos by Fally Afani



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