The students are back, the pools will soon be closing, and summer is coming to a close (boo). But these are all signs that major changes are ahead for the Lawrence community. The Lawrence Public Library decided to send off the season in style with a street party featuring live music, free food, and plenty of dancing.

The library is experiencing many changes right now. They’re about to temporarily move into a new building while they undergo a $14 million remodel, and they just hired new library director Brad Allen. The new head dude is no stranger to the area. He used to play in a band with Danny Pound, and they reunited onstage for a string of covers that left folks boogying until the sun went down. It was nice to see Pound, one of Lawrence’s most cherished singer-songwriters, really come out of his shell with all of these upbeat and rockin’ tunes. Allen wasn’t too shabby on bass, and he no doubt impressed his new employees.

We here at I Heart Local Music fully support the Lawrence Public Library and wish them well on all their new adventures. Their annual End of Summer Bash is a treasured community event that we hope to see continue for years to come.

Enjoy the photo gallery and video of the band below.



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