Monzie Leo and the Big Sky

Monzie Leo’s throwing a party, and you’re invited.

Joel Brummett, the red-bearded wild man behind Monzie Leo and the Big Sky, loves his friends. He adores them, enjoys the heck out of their company, and treasures the moment he shares with them. Two of his best friends play in Monzie Leo and the Big Sky with him. So when one of them announced that they were leaving the state to go to school, he decided to send him off with a bang.

On Saturday the band will be performing at the Gaslight to wish their friend a fond farewell. “It’s basically us just saying goodbye to Robert,” says Brummett. “We’re all too broke to throw a party, so we booked a show on Saturday at the last minute.”

The band wants folks to show up in costume, or at the very least get a little goofy. “Be comfortable in your goof,” says Brummett. “Be less of what you look like, and more of something that isn’t yourself… and hopefully colorful.”

The sendoff continues with a mini-tour for Brummett, which includes the Folklife festival in Seattle. The band can’t always accompany him on tour, which is why getting the whole enchilada at their Lawrence shows is a real treat. “It’s either intimate with me and the crowd, or it’s intimate with me and my best friends that I’m onstage with,” says Brummett. “But at the end of the day, you’re going to see a large amount of happiness and connection.”

Be a part of that connection with Monzie Leo and the Big Sky this Saturday at the Gaslight Tavern.