Photo courtesy: Les Izmore
Area rapper Les Izmore will be part of a stellar group performing at the Jackpot on Saturday. He’ll be joined by Stik Figa, Atilla, D/Will, and Motorboater. We got familiar with the lively artist.

Name: Les Izmore

Hometown: Middle of The Map.

Age: 7 light years young.

What has been keeping you busy lately?

Creating new songs. Looking for unique sounds. Pushing myself artistically. shows. Shows. SHOWS!

Les Izmore with producer D/Will, photo courtesy: Les Izmore
What plans do you have for the future?

My plan is to keep Creating. I have a lot of music inside. By the end of the year I will release a couple albums. (With D/WILL & Hearts of Darkness respectively.)

What are you looking forward to with Saturday’s show?

Having a great time all around. MUSIC!

What can folks expect from you at the show?

That Middle of The Map Music.

What encourages you to keep performing?

I Love music. Performing is a way to release. Plus I use show money to buy Granny Smith’s.

What’s next for Les Izmore?

Next thing up is a project with D/WILL called Heartfelt Anarchy. Maybe.



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