In lieu of the usual weight loss and healthier habits, some of Lawrence’s local musicians are listing some offbeat goals for the new year.
We asked some of them what their new year’s resolutions include, and were met with a delightful list of intentions.

Taylor Holenbeck (Colony Collapse / Hospital Ships / Heartscape Landbreak)

“Finish the fort in our backyard, then run a moonshine store out of it. Wear only dark grey/black. Colony Collapse island tour.”

Braden Young (The Magentlemen, Hello Biplane)

“I would like to continue pursuing fun activities that are new to me. So… skydiving in 2012?”

Rolf Petermann (Whatever Forever Tapes, Karma Vision)

“Give world pizza a chance and get arrested for ‘disordinary conduct.'”

Sean Hunt (Approach)

“My New Year’s Eve resolution is to not harm myself (or anyone else) during my performance. I have been known to knock out a tooth or two, hahahaha.”

Katlyn Conroy (Cowboy Indian Bear)

My new years resolution is to:

1. Attempt to record and then break Marty’s record time spent on twitter via mobile phone (estimated approx. 21hrs)

2. Publish my highly anticipated “Beauisms” illustrated novella.

3. Sedate CJ long enough to straighten his hair before a show.