One of the first local shows I ever attended in college was a Ghosty show. I remembered seeing handbills taped up on people’s fridges, watching folks point to it and exclaiming “THIS is where we’re going this weekend!” That same excitement came back to Lawrence this week when word got out that Ghosty was playing the Replay.

After taking the stage on Saturday, the band didn’t make an announcement, they didn’t say hello, they just started playing. Slowly, people started leaking in and I began hearing bits of conversation that included “I LOVE this band!” and “It’s so great to finally see some GOOD music.”

There were just three members in the band on this night, but they helped everyone unwind from their intense nights of music (which included Muscle Worship at the Jackpot, Pinback at the Granada and The Black Angels at the Bottleneck). Folks came from all around for the sweet, crooning voice of Andrew Connor, the effortless songwriting and most of all the laid back attitude we tend to love delving into at the Replay.

The audience was left begging for more at the end, and then we all got booted out. The after party was over. There really isn’t a better way to unwind from an exciting night than with some boys who genuinely love their music. They may spend a lot of time in Kansas City, but I’m pretty sure Ghosty knows that we’re always saving a seat for them here in Lawrence.




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